Upgrading side turn signals to include marker lighting

This is what I started with:2016-03-02 18.03.42

How the headlight the front trim is held on… 3 bolts with nuts on the inside.2016-03-02 18.03.46

Three more screws on the outside, amazing it stays on.2016-03-02 18.03.51

Crappy sub standard wiring…..2016-03-02 18.07.28

The solution to bad wiring is a pair of snips!2016-03-02 18.08.47

Wood screws holding the actual headlight frame in.2016-03-02 18.09.25 2016-03-02 18.09.28

Once removed you can see more lovely fire-hazard grade wiring.2016-03-02 18.11.19

Now that the headlights are out, I can debate what to replace them with and wait for the parts to arrive.

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