I took the bus to weigh it today and realized I have a weight problem. I was really expecting more weight to have come out, but it didn’t. My GVRW is 34,500 which is set by Federal Law for 2 axle vehicles. My weight today was 28,500. I did some calculations to account for the diesel fuel, generator, AC’s, and washer/dryer and concluded that the curb weight of the bus is 26,000 pounds. By the time I install the materials for the buildout I’m going to be real close to the weight limit. This precludes any dream of putting in solar panels or increasing the water capacity beyond 100 gallons.

So I have decided to put the bus shell up for sale and get a lighter bus with a better weight allowance. It’s a good solid shell and anyone would be happy with it as a motorhome. The problem comes from my trying to increase my ability to boondock for over a week at a time comfortably. Someone who was doing “normal” campground camping wouldn’t run into the weight issues because they wouldn’t need the capacities that I want. Same for a full timer in a park, no capacity issues.

It’s listed up on eBay and posted to a few FB groups. My bill of materials was going to be around 5,000 pounds. That was doing an oversize shower and putting tile in it with a glass door. So someone willing to have a fiberglass shower could shave quite a bit of weight out.

Part of my issue is that I need to take quite a few tools with me for work when I’m out with the coach. This adds a fair amount of weight. Most people don’t have this issue when they go camping.

I also took the opportunity to shoot a video of the driving experience. It’s uploading to YouTube right now and I hope folks enjoy it. Here is the link.

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