Tracing Wires the hunt goes on

So this weekend I began the long process of chasing down where wires go and untangling the bad wiring on my coach.  I did manage to get my 24v stepdown 12v transformer installed and working.  I also got one side marker light and turn signal installed.  I’m upgrading the mid-ship turn signals to include a marker function.

The second mid-ship turn is installed and working, but it requires an additional wire to power the marker function.  Some of this will be a long slog as there are no easy paths to run a wire along.


Here are some illustrated pictures of the project so far

2016-02-28 15.48.39

Properly installed transformer with wire labels

2016-02-28 15.48.30 2016-02-28 15.32.18 2016-02-28 15.32.17 2016-02-28 15.31.52

On the back side of the transformer I riveted it in… it’s a bit odd, but it’s a stairway and I did not want sharp points sticking into this area.  Nice airstream style rivets.  🙂  2016-02-28 15.31.13

This is the cab where I am working.

2016-02-28 15.31.09

Here you can see I have the dash instruments pulled out so I can get access to the wiring…. not nice, but workable.

2016-02-28 15.31.05

Here is the lovely electrical panel.  I removed all the zip ties so I could have access to the wires.  Whoever rigged the bus didn’t spend much time.  Lots of sliced wires.  The only thing going for it is that there are no fuses.  All circuit breakers.   I don’t get why there are so many circuits on a non-computerized vheicle.  There is not that much going on.  I’ll eventually have to figure these out.  I’m labeling them as I go.

2016-02-28 15.31.02

Here is a side shot to show where the transformer is mounted.  There were not very many great locations for it.  I don’t expect to push it to it’s limits, so this will work.  It’s close the electrical box, free of combustible material and there was a blank plate nearby (it’s visible in the photo).  The blank was removed to reveal a 35mm hole.  I ordered grommets from Amazon and am currently holding on a bunch of items from there.

2016-02-28 15.30.59

Here is another shot of it being installed.

I spent some time this evening removing the curb side headlight trim assembly and turn signal.  I have Bosch combination Headlight and driving light units.  There is lots of rigging and taped wires present.  They are really bright lights…. and appear to be wired for low.  Unfortunately, one of the glass lenses on the driver side is cracked.  There is alot working against them:

  • Out of production
  • Only used on Buses and Mercedes Sedans.  lol.  Go figure.  Neoplan, Fiat, and Mercedes buses used them.  The m114 and m116 e-code units used them.
  • They are technically not street legal in the US.  It’s interesting that they are there at all.
  • No parts support.  Bosch acknowledges that it exists, but no parts are available.
  • Rusted adjustments and dry rotted rubber.
  • wiring rigged to do what it was doing with lots of bad connections.

All of this says it’s time to replace them and move on.  The question is square or round for the replacements…..

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