Time for new turn signals

So this is what the OEM setup looks like.  E-code European Bosch headlight/foglight combo with unobtanium glass lens.  Conveniently cracked by the free rocks available on our fine roads.  Cracked before my time I might add.  Coupled with a lovely Hella European turn signal.  While parts are slightly more available, they have to be scrounged on eBay and shipping is expensive.  The headlights are a nice H4 series bulb and I have to say they are way brighter than anything I’ve ever driven before.  I thought they were setup for high beams, but they are actually on low beams.2016-03-02 18.03.42

This is what I’m installing:

2016-03-02 18.14.40

Maxxima LED lights that I should never have to touch again.  The old lights are dual units with a marker and turn signal.  The new units are combos.

Here are some photos illustrating the fun:

2016-03-02 18.14.58

With the anti-tamper caps installed2016-03-02 18.14.35

Closeup with the light installed.2016-03-02 18.12.29

The old light which has clearly seen better days.2016-03-02 18.11.40

The lens which is cracked/epoxied and a hack probably.

I still need to get things wired up, but the signals are at least physically mounted.  Feels like I’m making progress finally.

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