Time for a new light – adventures in vehicle lighting

I found this gem of a document, (catalog-of-lights-neoplan)a cross reference for old European commercial vehicles that shows which Hella lights were OEM equipment.

So the problem I have is that the OEM lights are worn out.  The plastic is brittle, the lenses are fragile/cracked/glued, and they aren’t working right.

After a bunch of research I settled in on Maxxima Lights.  I’ve ordered a pair of park/turn lights for around $20/ea.

Maxxima LED Light Turn and Park


They are 12v, which means I’m going to open a can of worms with converting my turn signals to 12v.  I’ll probably end up converting all the lighting to 12v.  For now it’s going to start with the turn signals.

For now I’ll just buy the equivalent 12v bulbs and replace them.  That’s a very inexpensive solution to my headache for the short term.  I’ll eventually buy some LED bulbs.

There are some great YouTube videos on understanding bulbs:

Bayonet socket’s explained:

Globe (shape) explained:

I wound up buying some 1155 (12v version of 1251) for $7.39 for 10 on AliExpress shipping from the US with free shipping.  That was the best price I could find anywhere…. shake my head on how they pay for shipping and deliver something that works for that price.

Bought a step-down transformer for $14. That will solve the 12v power issue for all of my lighting probably.

My “large” bulbs are 1683SC which is a BA15S stils S8 globe bulb producing 400 lumens with 28 Watts at 1.02 amps for 28v rated.

The #199 is a darn close match at 12v, 2.25a 28 Watts…. should produce the same lumens.  Now to find an LED equivalent.  Turns out that the 1156 is basically the same bulb.  There is a minor difference in the resistance of the element…. the 1156 is way more common…

Found them on AliExpress for $9.87 for 10 pieces including free shipping from a US Seller.  SMH, not sure how they can do this.. but whatever.



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