The wheels on the bus go round and round

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… sorry about that.  But I’m doing stuff with the coach again so I’m gonna start posting.  It’s been a hectic year of change, so the coach took a back seat.  I had an unplanned career change when the non-profit I worked for decided it no longer needed IT management…. good luck with that.

I was going to start another t-shirt company, but that didn’t work out as planned so I scrapped it.

I transitioned to doing something I enjoy as an Insurance Adjuster.  I get to travel, help people get their life back to normal, and do something challenging.

It also gives me the opportunity to put the Coach to work.  Way cheaper to camp in the RV than to camp in Motel 666 where they leave the roaches out for ya.

First order of business was putting a hitch on the coach.  I opted to use a $23 Harbor Freight Step-mount hitch.  I welded it to the cross member that is rated to pull the coach out.  If it can handle a 35,000 pound pull I’m comfortable it can drag 5,000.  Class III hitch.  Check it out here: 

Second order of business was buying a tow dolly.  I’m towing a 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid.  It could flat tow, but I opted to dolly it for simplicity.    I picked up a Master Tow 77T basic brakeless dolly for $1000 from PPL Motorhomes in Houston.  It was a great deal.  Check it out here.

Master Tow 77T

The dolly tows like a dream.  I figured the Coach has enough braking capacity to not notice the dolly or towed.  At one point I wasn’t sure if either were still back there.  lol.

I also replaced the engine batteries with a pair of 8D units from Sam’s.  The old ones were 3 years old and well abused.  The generator battery was the same age and also ready to be replaced.  $70 for a 27 series Marine battery.

I will be full-timing in the RV for a while so I have lots of things on the to-do list.

It took me 4 hours to get the damn Norcold fridge out.  The controls on it were bad.  I decided to ditch it’s power thristy self and replace it with something modern like a mini fridge.

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