Coach Specifications

I found a German PDF that definitively matches my coach to an N117/2 Spaceliner.  It was originally equipped with a thrifty 6 cylinder 224KW Scania DSC 1115 series engine like this one:


It is presently equipped with a 452 HP Detroit Diesel 8V92TA which produces roughly 332 KW or about 50% more power.  Of course this comes at a cost when you visit the gas station.  I’m sure the thinking was to make the engine serviceable and err on the side of power.  American’s are notoriously impatient when it comes to going up hills.

So without further ado, here are the specifications in Metric and English units:

Specification Metric English
Length 12M 39.5 Ft
Width 2.5M 98.5 In
Height 3.45M 11.35 Ft
Height w/AC 3.81M 12.5 Ft
Height w/Factory Air 3.55M 11.65 Ft
Front Overhang 2.9M 9.51Ft
Rear Overhang 3.05M 10 Ft
Turning Radius 24M 79 Ft
Front Gauge(space between tires) 2.08M 6.82 Ft
Rear Gauge 1.82M 5.97 Ft
Front Axle Capacity 6,500KG 14,330 Lb
Rear Axle Capacity 11,000KG 24,250 Lb
Max Vehicle Weight 17,500KG 38,580 Lb

Other features:

  • Rear Axle Scania Typ AD 90 R 653
  • Front Axle Neoplan Independent Suspension Axle
  • 2 Airbags per axle
  • Self-supporting frameless construction
  • Seating Capacity as a bus ranged from 50 to 57.  This included a driver, attendant, and 48 to 55 passengers.


Spec Sheet in PDF Form n117-2