The Motorhome

My motorhome is based on a Neoplan AN116/2 Chassis.  This is a custom chassis that has the shape of a cityliner, but is technically classified as a spaceliner.  It was built by Pegasus, who was a coach converter in Texas that has since gone out of business.

It is 12 meters long, which is a little bit shorter than 40 feet.

It is approximately 13.5 feet tall including the AC units.

It weighs 34,000 pounds.

It is powered by a Detroit Diesel 8v92TA Mechanical direct injection diesel engine.  This engine produces 445 HP at 2100 RPM and is ample power for this coach.

This is paired with an Allison HT740B heavy duty automatic transmission.

The coach has no problem reaching it’s maximum engine RPM which is about 75 mph.  It cruises comfortably at 65 to 70 mph.

There is a 200 Gallon diesel fuel tank.  My fully fueled range is somewhere above 800 miles.  I typically fill up once a day when I’m driving.  On my last trip I averaged 4.75 to 5 miles per gallon.  I had an absolutely filthy air filter, so it may improve slightly with a new air filter.

It is equipped with a 12kw generator that is powered by a 3 cyliner Yanmar 3T90LE-g1 engine.  It also has a battery bank and inverter system.

There are 3 roof mounted AC systems, two of which are capable of producing heat.  There is also a Webasto diesel fired heater that can be used to heat the coach and engine.  There is also an AC system mounted in the Cab that is powered by the engine.

The front axle is made by Auwarter, Neoplan’s manufacturer using Mercedes Hubs.  The rear axle is a Mercedes axle.  Everything other than the engine / transmission is European on the coach systems.  The house systems on the other hand are standard American RV systems, with many upgrades such as rigid copper plumbing, stainless steel water tank, etc.