Screw less – an update on my lighting retrofit

So I started on mounting the light cans to the front trim tonight.  For those of you just finding this post, let me bring you up to speed on the project.  My Neoplan Bus based RV has 1985 German / Euro spec signal, marker, and headlights.  They are nice units made mostly by Bosch and Hella.  Unfortunately, the headlights are worn out, have cracked lenses, and are miswired severely.

So I opted to install standard H4/H11 Truck Lite LED units.  I could have installed non-LED’s, but I would have had to mess with converting them to 12v.  The trucklite’s can handle 24v.  This works out to be easier and simpler and avoids the question of what capacity the wires are.  If they could handle halogen 24v they will be fine on LED 24v.

One challenge is that the lights don’t mount the same.  I learned that the mounts are called buckets or cans.  They are semi-standardized, so I ordered some on eBay for $25 including shipping.  They required light modification to make them fit.  No big deal.  I clipped off a piece and drilled holes sized for 10-24 machine screws.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the right length screws on-hand.  I figured I could pick them up locally at HomeDepot, but they don’t apparently know what they have.  This isn’t really a big surprise, the hardware aisle is always a wreck.  I usually use the order-online, pickup-in-store.  I got a call this morning that they couldn’t find the 1.5″ or 1.25″ screws that I ordered.  Shrug, just an excuse to stock up on hardware from BoltDepot.  I will try to take some pictures this weekend.

The net of it is that it is going together nicely.  I ordered some driving lights on alien press and have yet to see them….. Hopefully they will show up before long.  They are LED 10w units.

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