Saturday update

It’s been an interesting week.  I figured out what was wrong when I plugged into shore power.  The transfer switch was connecting the genset to shore power.  With the genset not running it was throwing a breaker.  I guess it was trying to start the genset through the generator head.  Bad juju.  In theory the transfer switch isn’t bad, it’s just sorely miswired.

I talked to Mike with Strut-Your-Stuff, he is my go-to source for gas-springs in the USA.  I bought my replacement gas-springs for the luggage bay doors and other doors from him.  He was able to track down replacement gas-springs for the engine bay door as well.  They are 9.25 inches long with 1200N of force!  1200N is like 300 pounds each.  There are 4 of them!  Turns out they are normally like $90/ea or something and he cut me a bit of a break because I have spent so much with him.  He’s great about helping you measure and get the right replacement.  Very nice US made struts.  If you order from him, please tell him Brian with the Neoplan sent you.

I also ordered my LH (reverse) M16 DIN 71802 ball joints for the tie rod ends.  While Mike is knowledgeable, he said he had never seen a LH thread ball joint end.  🙂  I explained that they were DIN 71802 spec ball joints.  I ordered my M19 DIN 71802 ball joints as well.  Those are coming from Germany.  The door project is shaping up to be another $1500 project.  All of the existing ball joints are rotted out.  They use a rubber cup style ball joint and the rubber is rotted after 30 years.

As if all that wasn’t enough, I also bought the replacement tracks for the track lighting from Home Depot.  They didn’t have all the parts I needed in stock, so I had to order some online and wait for them to come in.  No big deal.  I’ll get what I have installed.  I ordered some fixtures from them as well.  The coach is currently equipped with Phillips Capri lights which are commercial/industrial 120/240 capable fixtures.  Neat, well built, but an odd size and luminairs (fixtures) are stupid expensive to get.  For the price of a few fixtures I can get all new track and fixtures from Home Depot.

I also ordered light bulbs from AliExpress.  I’m getting dimmable LED bulbs in a couple of different formats.  We’ll see if I like what shows up.  It wasn’t much, so if I don’t like them I’m not out much.  The current bathroom lights are E26 base (candelabra size) Globes….. G16.5 or G25.  They do a great job in a makeup mirror style… but they put off some heat and use 240 watts combined.  There are 8 lights and the new ones will use 16 watts combined.  Alot less power and less heat.

I’ll post some pics as I install some of this.

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