Running new wire for a marker light

I decided to add marker light functionality to my mid-ship turn signals.  This involved running an extra wire to them.  The drivers side was pretty easy.  The curb side involved some creative wiring to get the wire across.  I wound up taking advantage of the stairs and carpet tack strips.  I also used some DAP Silicone (adhesive) to hold the wire still and act as a grommet where it passes through sheet metal.  This will immobilize the wire and can be easily be removed in the future if I need to.2016-03-02 18.37.20

Here is where the wire enters the coach.  I’m coming through the wheel well.  It’s sealed with silicone.  Notice the wire label marking what the wire is.  I like to do this at every penetration.  It saves aggravation later.2016-03-02 18.37.18

The silicone is also good for keeping the wire in the crack.2016-03-02 18.37.25

A screwdriver can be used to gently coax the wire into the crack.2016-03-02 18.37.27

Spreading the silicone can be messy, but using a plastic fork/spoon/knife works well.  Use the blunt tip not the eating tip.2016-03-02 18.40.00

I ran a bead of silicone up the corner of the stairs.2016-03-02 18.40.04

And here you can see me using the fork to push the wire into the silicone and smooth it out.  I’m using a piece of cardboard and a tool to hold it down at the bottom.  2016-03-02 18.40.53

Here the wire has crossed the coach and is coming through the back of the electrical space.  It’s grommeted with silicone to prevent damage.  I squeeze the silicone into the hole as well.2016-03-02 18.59.17Here the wire enters the electrical space.  It’s sealed with Silicone to protect it from movement and subsequent damage.2016-03-02 18.58.56

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