Progress on wiring and a hole in the wire

This morning I resumed work on the rear lights.  I’ve been working for a few days now on tracing what wire does what back there.  The wires have labels, but they have been painted and I don’t have a schematic.  So everything is hunt and find.2016-03-19 14.35.21 2016-03-15 16.49.43

Here I’m using a multi-meter and some alligator clips to check wires.2016-03-19 12.42.11

I finally gave up and concluded that the original wiring harness had some faulted wires.  I cut the entire harness out and it made very short work out of identifying the remaining wires and labeling them.  I’ll have to build some sub-harnesses to reach my new assemblies, but that won’t take as long.2016-03-19 14.35.13

Somewhere in the picture below is a broken wire… maybe more than one.  I got frustrated and cut them out.

2016-03-19 14.34.05

The brake light and reverse light need to stay 24v.  So that requires stepping them down at the “tailgate.”  I ordered a couple of small step-down transformers on AliExpress.  They promise to be waterproof and capable of 5A.  5A is a tremendous amount of current and I’m only going to push maybe 1A through them, so this should work just fine.  You can view the listing here.  Unfortunately, Alibaba thinks they are being clever by stopping you from copying the images…. but what they are really doing is hurting the ability of bloggers like me to reference them.  At any rate they are fully potted step down voltage regulators.  They should be just fine for this application and I ordered and extra one just in case.


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