Pegasus Motorcoach History

I received some history and some photos from a reader. These are particularly interesting as they provide some insight into the operations of Pegasus Motorcoach.

There are some interesting similarities between the coach built for Jordy Hormel (of Hormel Meats) and my bus. It’s a strong possibility that this is the same coach. It’s unlikely that the unusual trim details would be in more than one coach. Particularly the faucet in the bathroom, interior veneer, and the hot tub, which absolutely was in my bus at one point. I’d be really surprised if the same carpet was used in more than one of the coaches.

There is one dead giveaway that I have not had time to look for yet. Jordy’s coach suffered a generator fire. It was repaired but there is a strong likelihood that the fire left permanent residue, so I’m going to look for it in my coach. A little forensic discovery if you will, looking for charred wood or patches in the neighborhood of the genset.