Pandora’s transfer switch aka electrical flucker custery

Ah yes, flucker clustery….a  level beyond cluster fuckery!  So here are some pictures of Pandora’s transfer switch.

First the lovely electrical bay.  Chafe violations, explosion hazard, unsecured batteries, improperly secured wires, no battery disconnect, no fusible links, poor use of storage.  So much opportunity!  So charging batteries gas off hydrogen gas…. and should never be near electrical relays (gray box) because they spark when they open and close.  They should also be vented so that gas cannot build up inside the enclosure.  Hydrogen is explosive!


In the gray box (upper right) is a cluster fuck of a DIY 3 way transfer switch that should automagically choose shorepower, generator, or inverter.  No fucking telling if it ever worked right.  Uses Grainger / Dayton automagic delay controllers.  Loose wires, nothing labeled, probably improperly sized, some hack job relays.  A real mess.  Genset did work, but something doesn’t work hardcore when it’s connected to shore power.


Close ups
IMG_2944 IMG_2943

there is a nice 50 pound battery charger behind the panel.  I think the water tank is under that.. . or at least one of them.  Lots of improperly secured wire and a whole bunch of it coiled up.  No idea what it does.


A nice Vanner 50Amp 24 to 12v voltage converter.  I can get a modern one for $50 these days.  This one isn’t regulated, it just cuts voltage in half.  There is a second one back by the coach batteries.IMG_2946

More quality wiring


And the genset is a 50A generator, protected by a 100A breaker…… fire hazard much?


Lots to do here in reworking the electrical.

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