Other Devils

So I’ve been debating if I should sell my coach and buy a different one. No discussion of this would be complete without mentioning the other devils.

  1. GM PD4106 – the GM buses are simply fabulous to drive. If you can find one with a 6V71 they are reliable and relatively fuel efficient at around 10 MPG. 35 foot length makes them easy to live with and maneuver. The downside is that GM has been gone for years from the bus market, having sold out to MCI who was acquired and mismanaged. 🙁 The biggest gripe I have is that the skin/shell is structural. This makes any modifications dicey. The engine also hangs off the roof. This could be a problem for towing anything.
  2. MCI5A/B – Another hard to beat option. Just have to watch out for rust in all the wrong places. Typically found with an 8V71 and mild mannered on fuel. 10 foot clearance, 35 foot overall, great buses. Like the GM’s they are well experienced by the time they become motorhomes. MCI is still in business and some parts are probably still available.
  3. Skoolie – The ugly duckling of buses, but readily available, cheap and durable. Likely to be had in a 10 to 12 year old chassis with ONLY 150K miles on them. Rode hard and put away wet with less love than luggage at most districts. Will absolutely require paint and new windows. Major downside is no belly storage and likely to face hate at some campgrounds.
  4. Crown SuperCoach – Sort of skoolie, but built like a Mack truck with off the shelf parts and to a higher standard. Positives are very well built and equipped. Great fuel economy, Downsides are that they are somewhat rare and over-valued.

One thought on “Other Devils”

  1. Your coach has something all other coaches don’t have regardless of age or money spent . IT’S THE COOLEST LOOKING BUS ON THE PLANET. Don’t worry about the glass .Did you get the second e mail I sent with more Pegasus history ? it was sent in October 2018.

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