More defective wires

So I moved to the front of the coach and started working again.  The curb side turn signal has not worked since I bought the bus.  I brought out my signal and tracer unit and started trying to follow the wire.  I concluded that there was a break somewhere under the dash.  This is just great because the dash is like Houdini’s last escape.

I would absolutely love to remove it, but that doesn’t look like it’s possible without alot of headache.  The drivers console is screwed to the dash cover and it seems to be what supports it.    I’m not quite that frustrated or that brave.  The picture below shows one view of what I was working with.

2016-03-19 19.43.37

I thought that the wire was broken behind the wiper motor, so I managed to get enough of it loose to get it out.  I was wrong, it was much closer to the end of the wire.

2016-03-19 19.51.21

In the photo above the break is between the two places where the green wire is visible.  Had I looked closer I would have easily found it.  But I insisted on stripping all of the wire loom cover off of it.

2016-03-19 19.56.48

Which is just as well.  It revealed the wound where someone had drilled into the wire and cut through 2 strands and severely damaged several others.  It’s a wonder it conducted electricity honestly.  Wire is cheap, so this is an easy fix now that I have found the problem.  As you can see in the picture it was getting dark, so this will be tomorrow’s funitivity!  I did pull it apart to survey the extent of the damage.  It’s not too bad, just a few feet of wire will need to be spliced in.  I’ll need to trace and label all the wires at this point and may replace everything downstream of here anyway.

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