Misc Maintenance

This past weekend I knocked a few things out that were on my to-do list.  The first one was getting the driver door window to where it would operate smoothly.  When I bought the bus I drove it home with a 1 inch gap in the window.  I was afraid that if I forced it the window might break, so I left it alone.  I finally got around to forcing it and getting it going again.

The culprit was bits of glass in the track.  It appears that someone broke out the window and the safety glass shattered and fell into the track.  It was a pretty easy fix with some brute force, silicone lube, and a shop vac.

Now I can open or close the window all the way.  That will make life easier when I’m driving it.  There still isn’t any coach air working.  The heater doesn’t work for that matter either.  One thing at a time.  Right now I’m working on getting the coach ready to pass road inspection and get license plates.

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