Lighting updates

Here are a few quick updates on my re-lighting project.  These show the assembly and layout of the replacement light assemblies.  These are for the rear of the coach.  Each set of lights is mounted to a piece of T6061 Aluminum plate that is 1/4″ thick.  I chose 1/4″ thick so I could thread it and have a clean installation for mounting the lights.  It’s more work, but avoids the hassle of a bunch of small nuts and screws.2016-03-06 15.35.53

A couple of pictures showing the preliminary layout/test fittings.  They are painted with self-etching primer and then gloss black paint.  Both are rust-oleum brand paint.  The edges were finished with a 1/8 roundover bit and trim router.  It’s not perfect, but it came out just fine and looks nice.  2016-03-05 00.00.43 2016-03-04 23.58.10


and of course what I replaced:

2015-12-24 09.58.23

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