Lighting Progress

I had some time to work on the lights tonight.  First off, they got mounted on the rear of the bus.  They look fantastic and are nearly indistinguishable from the stock lights.  I apologize that they are two separate pictures, the bus is about 2 feet from the fence which makes it impossible to get a good single picture.  The lights are mounted with 1/4-20 3 inch stainless steel screws, stainless 1/4 washers, and stainless nylon-locknuts.

2016-03-14 11.49.582016-03-14 11.50.02

I decided to cut the existing wire loom and make my connection for the driver’s side here.  The wire loom seems to be glued together, which is another interesting feature of this harness assembly.  It also appears to use a heatshrink material that is similar to tech-flex or F6 to surround the wire bundle. There are a few more shots of the rear panel.  It’s a bit funky how it lifts up because the gas springs are worn out.  2016-03-15 16.49.41

far right (drivers) side.  You can see the fasteners and also the new wiring harness emerging from behind the lights.

2016-03-15 16.49.43

far left (curb) side showing the heavy duty connector used.  You can also see the fasteners coming through the fiberglass.  The new wiring harness is also visible.  I’ll seal it with silicone when everything is hooked up.2016-03-15 16.49.48

This is the harness connector under the dashboard.  It leads to the column mounted turn signal switch.2016-03-15 19.11.43

I spent several hours tracing wires and labeling them tonight.  I’m excited that I have most of the wires involved in the turn and lower marker signals mapped out.  I still need to sort out the reverse and brake lights.  I also have some issues with the flasher and the rear marker/side turn signals.

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