How tall it is not…..

I decided to finally measure the height of the bus today.  I fired it up and let it fully air up the air bags while I drug the big ladder out and got it all set up.  I then hauled a fittingly pink 2×4 up the ladder and laid it across the top of the Air Conditioner.  I used an 8 foot construction level on top of this to verify that the 2×4 was level, because the driveway sure as hell isn’t level.  Heck it’s not even in one place or one piece.  The picture below shows how it shifted up 3/4 of an inch when I parked on it.

2016-02-07 13.37.16

I found the tape measure and convinced my roommate to help me by standing on the end of the tape measure.  It was windy and it wouldn’t stay still.

It turns out the bus is 12.5 feet tall.  Good thing I didn’t bet on that because I sure thought it was taller.

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