Fan Bearing Miracles

So I needed to take the RV on a work deployment to Mobile, Alabama.  The coach made it fine.  About the time I got to Alabama I noticed a strange noise coming from the back.  By the time I got back there I wasn’t sure what it was.

I got to the hotel I was headed to for a meeting.  We’ll call it the Hustle Inn.  It’s seen way better days.  They were nice enough to let me park in back.  The biggest shame is that the property has so much potential.

I also noticed a squeak from the generator in the morning, so I shut it down.  At lunch I came out and found that the generator fan had died and that the main engine cooling fan bearing was shot.  When I shut the main engine down the bearing was loose.

There are a couple of interesting projects here but I’ll summarize that I surrendered and checked in to the hotel for a few days.

CoachNet helped me find a mechanic, but was otherwise worthless.  Glad I didn’t absolutely need to be towed.  They could not find a Landoll.  The mechanic came out and when we investigated the bearings basically fell out as a powder.  That’s pretty bad.  It was a miracle that it held up, but we weren’t done with that miracle.  I wound up putting it back together and running 20 miles to the mechanic’s shop.  The repair involves removing the fan shroud.  The fan hub has to go towards the radiator to come out.  To get the fan shroud out involves opening the cooling system to remove the upper pipe.  Yup, it’s a giant PITA.  MAN Americas was helpful though… suggesting that the bearings were replaceable on the Behr Hella hub/fan.  Behr/Hella was generally worthless.  No support without part numbers…. .no part numbers on a 35 year old vehicle.  Sigh.

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