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  1. Hi Brian,

    can definitely confirm it’s a Spaceliner N117/2, ca. 1982-1986. I live near Stuttgart, Germany, where Auwaerter/Neoplan was based.

    The N117 was made both in Stuttgart as well as Pilsting, Bavaria at various points in time. The model number identifies it as a member of the high end “100” series of Neoplan, with 17 rows of seating in a high density config and 2 axles. They also offered an N117/3 with 3 and an articulated Version, the SpaceLongliner.

    Other members of the 100 family were the N116 Cityliner, that differed from the N117 in that it had an ordinary cockpit instead of the low arrangement seen with the Spaceliner. And of course the N122/3 Spaceliner double decker as well as the 128/4 Megaliner and jumbo cruiser.

    The Scania engine was not all that common, Neoplan coaches could be ordered with Mercedes, MAN, Deutz, Scania, Caterpillar, Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines from the factory.

    Most commonly used were Mercedes V8 and MAN engines. Your model would most likely have had a 280hp V8 Turbo, 330hp V8 intercooler, 356hp BiTurbo or even a 320hp Mercedes V10, naturally aspirated.

    Hope you’ll enjoy your coach!

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