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Pegasus Photos

Someone reached out to me recently who had worked for Pegasus.  He shared some of the history and some neat color photos.  Pegasus was started in Beaumont Texas and then relocated to Porter, Texas (NorthEast of Houston).


A group photo.  Thought to be the most Pegasus units in one spot.  I did get a strong suggestion that I do indeed have unit number one.  I would guess it is the furthest unit in the photos, but it’s hard to tell without additional info.


This is not my unit, but one very similar to it.  I’m frankly surprised to see it on the beach.  I would be terrified of getting stuck.

And here are some interiors of this coach:

ArlanPegasus_0019[3] ArlanPegasus_0018[2] ArlanPegasus_0017[2] ArlanPegasus_0012[2] ArlanPegasus_0011[2]

The design was well ahead of it’s time.  Nobody was doing anything like this in 1987.