3D replacement parts – tuning the unobtanium

2016-01-30 14.50.57

I’m so close…. I have 3D printed ABS Plastic sockets that fit the ball like a glove and fit the tie rod end so tightly I have to use pliers to push them out.  As you can see from the lower picture it has taken me many iterations to get here.

2016-01-30 14.50.43

I’m working on tuning the retaining ring right now.  The original part was a semi-flexible rubber that expanded when you inserted the ball and then the hoop locked it in place.  ABS is a great fit for this as it is slightly flexible.  However, I’ve chosen to just print a ring right above the bulge of the ball stud.  This captures the ball stud effectively and achieves the same effect.  The socket will expand slightly when the stud is inserted and the tie rod end will “lock” the stud in place preventing easy withdrawal.  A photo of the CAD design is below.


2016-01-30 14.50.48


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