July Update

Hi folks, just a quick update that all is well.  I’ve been focused on my house and letting summer come and go.  I’m planning on going camping in September so I’ll be working on some minor things here in the next few weeks.  I’ll post more when I start working on it again.

WiFi solution

There are a bunch of articles on the web for how to do WiFi while camping.  I’ve come up with my own solution that works great and costs around $100.  Fair warning it does require some technical know-how to set it up.

Ubiquiti makes some great WiFi gear that you can get on Amazon.

I use their AirGateway Pro to create a local 2.4 WiFi access point for my the devices in my coach and around it.  This device has far exceeded my expectations and is pretty easy to configure if you understand networking.

I couple that with a NanoStation Loco.  This is a directional amplified antenna with a built in access client all powered by POE.  This device can sign in to another WiFi Network and share it with the Airstation.  It comes with a POE injector that will power the AirStation and the Nano Loco.

The only drawback is mounting it, but they make a suction cup window mount for the Nano Station.  It’s a little clunky and takes some tinkering to get it right…. but it does work.

The key to this is configuring your IP addresses.  It helps to map it out on paper.  It’s well beyond the scope of a post on my blog to teach networking for nested networks.  It is important to pick an address range that the host campground or other wifi source will not be using.

As an example, I might set the NanoLoco to use an internal IP of

I would set the AirGateway to use a WAN/External IP of

and an internal IP of

I would then set a DHCP Range of  This leaves 201 through 253 for “static” devices and is more than plenty for a motorcoach.

I’d set an appropriate netmask.

You need to configure the NanoLoco first, and then the AirGateway behind it.  When completed you should be able to access the NanoLoco while connected via physical wire or wifi to the AirGateway.

It is necessary to login to the NanoLoco to pick the wifi network you want to connect or bridge to and provide any wifi password etc.

The benefit to doing this is that my devices are behind my firewall (AirGateway) and I don’t have to mess with new IP’s and logins for my iPad, iPhone, computer, etc in my coach.  The Nano Loco will “pull in” a otherwise weak signal and the AirGateway is strong enough to pick up anywhere in the coach or around the coach.  The net result is reliable WiFi.