Ball Joints installed on luggage doors

I finally got the D19 ball joints installed.  There were 10 of them and with a helper I was able to dismount and remount the doors.  This restores functionality to all 6 luggage bay doors.

I still need to convert the ball joints on the tie-rods for each luggage bay door, but at least this part is done.

I also reconnected my mid-ship marker lights which are integrated into the doors.

2016-05-06 11.10.08 2016-05-06 11.09.40 2016-05-06 11.09.11

Door and Lighting progress

I’ve been working on the coach here and there making great progress.  I have installed track lights in the parlor/dining and bath areas.  The track light fixtures have arrived and are installed.

I stopped in the bedroom because the wiring is really funky.  It originally had Phillips Capri lighting which is commercial/industrial.  It’s capable of 240v but it was mostly being used to provide multiple switch points.  I can’t obtain fixtures for it so I’m scrapping it.  I’m planning to rework and simplify the lighting while I’m at it.  There are things going on that I think are just stupid, so now is a good time to rework them.

I’ve also been working on the luggage bay doors.  Mike over at Strut-Your-Stuff was being plagued by over-agressive spam filtering and not getting my emails.  We finally worked that out and he was able to get me the replacement struts for the luggage bays, access doors and engine door.  The engine door wound up being custom, but they should be here shortly.

I had a hell of a time installing the gas springs that counterbalance the luggage doors.  I wound up using a piece of unistrut, a 2×4 and a ratchet strap.  Between the 3 of those I was able to pry and coax each strut into position.  Some of the old ones aren’t bad, but I can’t tell by looking which ones are good and which ones aren’t.  As part of replacing all the ball joints I’m going to go ahead and replace the gas-springs.  It’s expensive, but it will put this behind me and let me move on.

2016-04-30 18.17.32 2016-04-30 18.17.36

Today I managed to get the first door completely retrofitted.  I’m still waiting on D14 ball joints from Germany to arrive.  I had one pair that I ordered as a test set.  I had to take one off and put the door on and then reattach the ball stud to the door.  The moment of truth was raising and lowering the door.  It worked great which was a big relief.

One of my other upgrades this week was to replace the dysfunctional power gauges with an electronic volt/amp meter.  I’ll eventually have two of them so I can monitor both legs.  The original was monitoring the Neutral leg and my spot checks with a clamp handheld meter showed this to be inaccurate.  I ordered this on eBay or AliExpress for $8.58 back in January with the intent to use it on the generator.  It looks great on the power panel.  I’ll eventually need to rework the panel with mountings for all the gauges.  For now this is what it looks like:

2016-04-30 18.18.17

I like being able to see my current pull at a glance and to verify that voltage is where it should be.  I’ll be installing a similar unit for the DC side as well.

Lastly, I noticed a smell in the holding tank this week, so I went ahead and emptied it.  This was a chance to install the dump inlet I had installed in the yard.  It worked great and that was a nice relief.  I still need a post for water and power, but I’m making progress finally and that’s nice.